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Jira Align 

Connect Business Strategy

to Technical Execution

Leverage Jira Align to bridge the gap between strategic planning and technical execution. Ensure your business strategy is seamlessly translated into actionable plans, enhancing visibility, alignment, and value delivery across your organization.

About Jira Align

Comprehensive Enterprise Agile Planning

Jira Align provides real-time visibility into all work across your enterprise. Align every team to your strategic goals, optimize for customer value, and keep everyone on course. With robust integrations and a flexible framework, Jira Align empowers your organization to thrive in a complex, rapidly changing environment.

One of the standout features of Jira Align is its customizable frameworks, which cater to the diverse needs and methodologies prevalent across industries. Whether your organization adheres to Agile, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, or a hybrid approach, Jira Align seamlessly adapts to your preferred workflow, ensuring a tailored experience that enhances productivity and collaboration.


Seamlessly Integrated for Strategic Excellence

Key Features of Jira Align

Jira Align excels in integrating various tools, ensuring that your team’s strategic plans are effectively executed. Whether you are managing projects, tracking progress, or ensuring alignment, Jira Align brings everything into a unified platform, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

  • Gain real-time visibility and insights into all work across your enterprise.

  • Implement and extend any agile framework at scale, including hybrid models.

  • Break down silos and ensure all teams work towards a unified goal.

  • Seamlessly connect Jira and other tools for comprehensive program and portfolio management.


Tailored for Your Enterprise Needs

Versatile Solutions for Scaled Agile Planning

Transform Your Enterprise with Jira Align

 Achieve Agility and Strategic Excellence

Jira Align Stands Out

Jira Align offers unparalleled capabilities to connect strategy with execution, providing real-time insights, customizable frameworks, and enhanced collaboration tools. Whether you are planning strategically, managing portfolios, or tracking performance, Jira Align provides the flexibility and power your enterprise needs to succeed.

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