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Seamless Support

Managed Services

Ensure continuous performance with our comprehensive services.

Atlassian Managed Services That Make Your Business More Agile

Gain expertise. Boost productivity. Improve efficiency.

Running business-critical tools like Jira and Confluence at scale can be complex and time-consuming, especially in a constantly changing environment. Let our team of certified Atlassian managed services experts handle it for you, giving you time to focus on your vision.

Why Managed Services?

Effortless Operations

Outsource your IT management for enhanced efficiency and focus.



Proactive monitoring and maintenance for optimal performance.

Cost-effective solutions with predictable pricing models.

Access to specialized expertise and the latest technologies.

Scalable services tailored to your business needs.

Improved security and compliance with industry standards.

Our Service Offerings

Empower Your Business with Expertise

Thorough System Evaluations

Jer-nee Consulting conducts comprehensive system health checks, audits, and clean-ups to ensure your Atlassian tools operate at peak efficiency.

Advanced Security Measures

At Jer-nee Consulting, we implement regular security patches to protect your Atlassian systems and ensure compliance with the latest standards.

Seamless Integration Solutions

We design and implement integrations with other products and applications, enhancing productivity through Jer-nee Consulting's tailored solutions.

Comprehensive Administration Services

Our team at Jer-nee Consulting manages spaces, projects, and workflows, including permissions management, to suit your specific needs.

Expert Application Management

Jer-nee Consulting manages the installation, upgrades, troubleshooting, and configuration of commercial apps, ensuring smooth operation within your Atlassian environment.

Effortless Cloud Transitions

Rely on Jer-nee Consulting to facilitate smooth cloud migrations, minimizing disruptions and maximizing operational continuity.

Enhanced Automation Management

Jer-nee Consulting optimizes automation by building, monitoring, and measuring its usage to streamline your processes

Best Practice Implementation

Jer-nee Consulting shares and enforces industry best practices to ensure your Atlassian tools deliver optimal performance.

AWS Administration & Maintenance

Jer-nee Consulting offers expert AWS setup, administration, and maintenance for data centers, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Unlock Benefits with Jer-nee Consulting

Unmatched Support and Expertise

Proven Atlassian Expertise

With over two decades of experience, Jer-nee Consulting's certified experts help you maximize the potential of your Atlassian tools, both now and in the future.

Affordable Managed Services

Jer-nee Consulting's team of Atlassian-certified experts offers cost-effective solutions, consolidating various roles into a single, efficient service.

Comprehensive Security & Compliance

Jer-nee Consulting's certified engineers provide advisory services and implement best practices for security policies, roles, and permissions, ensuring business continuity .

Dependable SLA-Backed Services

All managed services by Jer-nee Consulting are backed by robust SLAs, ensuring timely and reliable support whenever needed.

Proactive System Administration

Jer-nee Consulting applies industry best practices for maintaining your Atlassian applications, including scheduled upgrades and regular maintenance for performance.

Tailored Strategic Solutions

Jer-nee Consulting delivers customized solutions that align with your business vision and roadmap, minimizing risks and providing ongoing strategic guidance.

Dynamic Scalability Solutions

Jer-nee Consulting provides the flexibility to adjust expert administration based on your business demands, optimizing capacity and efficiency.

Customizable Subscription Plans

Jer-nee Consulting's flexible subscription levels ensure you only pay for the coverage you need, providing the agility your company requires.

Committed Partnership

Jer-nee Consulting measures success by your success, proactively supporting you through regular audits, patching, and strategic guidance to enhance efficiency.

Service Excellence

Our Approach

Focus on Growth,

We'll Handle the Rest.

Choose Expertise

Jer-nee Consulting offers reliable managed services, ensuring your IT operations are in expert hands, allowing you to focus on your core business.


Transform with Jer-nee.

Embrace change, Embrace growth.

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